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 I custom design printables for luncheons, special events, outreach, Bible studies and more.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at  I would love to create your next printable.  

Fun Crafty Projects

Snow Man Candy Bar Wrapper

DIY Valentine's 
Printable Valentines Sucker Holder

Verse Cards 

Printable Verse Cards Jonah Study Week One

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Verse Art

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  1. bod bless all yor soul and let us rejoice in his glory and praise his name

  2. good will come to all who worship him

  3. i didnt take being a christian seriously until i found out what the devil could do. I spred the word of god every where i go. At school, at church, even to my family sometimes. If i didnt have god in my life i dont kinow what i would do

  4. thank you for the beautiful printable Bible verses. I plan on sending them to friends.

  5. i love how clear these cards are I understand them