Random Act of Giving - Day Five

This week has flown by for us.  Today was the kids last day of school in which we all missed because Mark, Garrett, and I caught a stomach bug.  We decided to keep Lexi home too so that our germs wouldn't spread to the school and church especially right before Christmas. 

Yesterday I made a snowman bouquet to take to a random hair salon in town.   I had planned on creating at least one thing for my random act of giving project but the week had gone by so fast I hadn't done it yet.  The snow man itself is a template that you can print at the end.  This is a very easy project that anyone can do.  Here is what I did...

All you need is:
  • Snow man template
  • ribbon
  • candy bars - any type
  • glue - I use my tape runner for everything.
  • felt
  • scrapbook paper
Start by wrapping each candy bar with the snow man paper.  Each sheet prints 2 snow men.  You will need to cut them to fit your candy bar most will be 5.5x_______.  For these candy bars I cut them 5.5x5.5. 
Next pick out your ribbon and tie a scarf around each snow man.  As you can tell I was in a pink mood and wanted all girl snow men, but you can use whatever color is best for you.
The snow men will need hats so cut out a circle and cut it in half to make the top.  For the hat base I cut out stripes of  paper that would be a little bigger than the circle.  For the snow ball on top I used felt.  I cut it out and glittered the top - some in white and some in pink.

I did find some cotton balls and put some on the base to look like they were standing in snow.

I then put skewers in under the paper and stuck each one in a tiny bit of flower arranging foam, filled it with with tissue paper, and added a bow.   This project was so fun and easy. 

I put a Random Act of Giving card in between the snowmen and ran it to a salon downtown.  I think the ladies were very shocked and surprised.  

Below is the snow man template.  Click on the link below the snowman to print.  Enjoy!!

Merry Christmas,


  1. These are absolutely adorable! I'm sure the ladies at the salon were delighted. Thank you for sharing another creative way to give. Sometimes, we feel inadequate when it comes to reaching out to others. But through this blogging series, you have shown that anyone can give, create, and show love to others. God has fully equipped us with the tools we need to meet people where they are. All we need is a willingness to serve.

  2. They were shocked and surprised and it touched one of the ladies in a special way ;)


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