Friday, February 27, 2015

Printable Verse Cards on Salvation and Hope

I love designing verse cards!  I also love getting requests for certain verses, colors, or designs. I made these salvation and hope cards because of a request I received asking for cards that could be given out in care packages for people in need.  I love this idea.  There are many ideas of this sort on Pinterest.

Although, I have seen many in need package ideas on Pinterest I haven't seen any that include a verse card.  Verse cards can be added to so many projects and gifts.  I hope you all can use these.  I would love to hear of how you use them.

These have been designed in neutral colors so that they can be given to anyone.

To print just click the above link under the picture.  I hope you use and enjoy them.  If you love these cards please share this page with your friends on:  Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, or Twitter.  

Much Love,
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  1. Valerie, these are PERFECT! Thanks so much! I love the message introducing each verse. Have a great day!