Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last Minute Valentine’s


I have been trying to get these printables up for a couple of days but it just hasn’t happened.  Tonight I am sharing a printable candy wrapper and a Valentine.

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These flower suckers are so much fun to make and give.  Each page will print four flowers with leaves.  Cut out each flower and leaf set.  Then, cut a hole where the black x is to insert the sucker.  Fold the leaf set in half and glue or tape it around the sucker stick.   Happy Valentine’s is printed on each leaf.   There is plenty of room to add To: and From: on the opposite side of the leaf. 

Printable Valentines Sucker Holder

Click Here To Print


february 2012 010

These printable candy bar wrappers fit a large size candy bar.  I almost always give Symphony Bars so I made these wrappers specifically to fit the medium size bar.  These will also fit most large size candy bars.  Print, cut, and add your own personal touch through ribbon or embellishments. 


Printable Valentine's Candy Bar Wrapper

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I know these are last minute Valentine’s ideas, but hopefully they will help at least one person! 

I hope each of you has a wonderful week.  Live in light of eternity! 

Tomorrow could be our last,


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