Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekly Prayer Blessings

Another week of prayer blessings has arrived.  This week God has done a neat work and so we want to put God's glory on display!   Below is a highlight of what God has done this week.  I would love to hear what God is doing in your midst so feel free to add any of your own prayer blessings!

A sweet girl in our church got saved this week.  I cannot tell who because I want her parents to be the ones to share, but God is at work and it is a beautiful thing!

Two people were baptized on Sunday evening.  We have not had a Sunday evening baptism before, but I loved it.  It was so neat to hear testimonies of how God draws people to Himself.  I have to share these two amazing stories with you.

              Fallon was a lady in our community who was going through a really rough time last year.  A lady in our church was doing a random act of kindness at McDonalds and paid for her meal while also inviting her to church.  Fallon was so touched by the woman's kindness that she called our church office letting our staff know what a blessing it was to her and how God really used it in a great way.   Our staff member began praying for Fallon and months later she attended church for the first time.  A couple weeks after that she made a profession of faith and Sunday evening was baptized. The neat thing was this whole thing happened through one random act of kindness.  

             Matt is a gentleman who has been coming to our church for a while.  He was an atheist and had never heard of Christ before.  He had been coming with his girlfriend and had a hard-faced expression every time I saw him.  Over the next few months, he started to change and one day a couple of months ago I saw him on a Sunday evening and his whole face was changed.  He was glowing.  The hard-faced expression was gone and was replaced with a glow that only Christ could radiate.  The last few months have been life-changing for him as he is following God's will for his life and last night he was baptized.  

Both of these lives have been transformed by the work and power of Christ.  Hallelujah!   

This week we have also seen:
  • God restore and start the process of healing for a family in our church
  • God brought two people to church who we have been praying would come
  • God has been waking my daughter up earlier in the mornings as a result of prayer
  • God has been allowing one of my daughters to start sleeping during school nap as a result of prayer.   Each time we forget to pray she will get in the car and say, "I didn't take a nap today because we forgot to pray."  I know it's a small thing, but to her it isn't.  
  • Prayer meeting attendance was up this week as a result of prayer.
  • God provided allergy medicine for us as a result of prayer.
  • A lady in our church found a new home as an answer to prayer
  • God is doing a great work through a women's Bible study!  
He is SO good to us and we are so thankful that He chooses to use us despite who we are. 
Praise the LORD!


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