Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekly Prayer Blessings

Hi All,

I hope you are having an awesome day.  Today, in the fair town of Luray we are having a gorgeous spring day.  The beauty of God's creation and new life are surrounding us on every side.  God is so glorious.  

Each week I like to share prayer blessings, which are just answers to prayer that God has given over the last week.  It is my desire to put God's glory on display.   It is also my desire that you join me in displaying what God has done, so if you have any answers to prayer that you would like to share please email me your answers and I will share them in my weekly prayer blessings post.  

  • Garrett has been praying that God would send a check for $1,000 for the Zambian Pastor's Conference.  He was asking that it wouldn't be accumulative, but a single check.  God overwhelmed us this week and answered his prayer.  On Thursday, we received a check for $2,000 towards the Zambian Pastor's Conference.   

  • During Bible study on Thursday morning, we were praying for a gal in the church to get a job interview at a local business.  During our prayer time a cell phone chimed, and after praying we found out that this lady was given an interview!  This has happened many times during our Thursday morning prayer times together.  

  • There are 5 other requests that we have been praying for this week that were answered, but I am not able to share specific things because of the circumstances and the need to keep matters confidential.   Matters of unity, relationships, addictions, God at work in lives, and guidance have been taken to the throne room and God has displayed His mighty power, goodness, grace, and mercy in our midst.  We are truly thankful for what God is doing. 

Pray without ceasing,

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