Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pictures From Africa and How To Pray

Oh, how I wish I was in Africa today!  It has been my heart's desire to go to Africa for a couple of years now, but I am so excited that Mark was able to go. Today I am posting some pictures that we received last night.    They are in Zambia now!  The following pictures are taken while on the bus ride from the airport to Lusaka.    

 The bus ride was 3 1/2 hours long.  On the way to Dulles airport on Monday, Mark and Jim were wondering what kind of bus they would be riding in on the way to Lusaka.  I think they were concerned about getting car sick.

I told them to think about the most awful van they could image...

that it would smell like sweat...
that it would have no air...
that they couldn't open the windows at all...

 And then when it was different than they expected it would be a pleasant surprise.   Gauging from the first picture it looked like a very nice bus.  

I also asked for a picture of their lunch.  They stopped at a truck stop in between the airport and Lusaka for lunch.  It looks like he had sausage, potatoes, and rice.   I wanted all the elementary students to see what he was this picture is for you all!

He also said that peacocks were walking all around the truck stop.  How neat.  I was hoping for a picture of that too, but hopefully that will come later.  

 Today, the team was able to meet the District Commissioner and the Mayor of Lusaka.  They were also meeting up with the African Revival Team.  This is a team that travels around Zambia telling people about Christ through music and preaching.  

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the team as they get ready to start their first day of ministry tomorrow morning. 
  • The team is probably getting ready to head to bed for the night.  Please pray that they get plenty of rest.  
  •  Please pray that God will get rid of any sin in the camp before they start ministering.  We all know that sin hinders the work of God.  Pray that God will help them to be prepared not only in their physical preparation, but the spiritual preparation as well.  
  • Please pray that God will do a mighty work in them and through them!   
  • Please pray that they would be great encouragers to the missionaries on the field and the African Revival Team.  


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