Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Amsterdam to Lusaka - Day Two of the Zambia Missions Trip

This morning the team landed in Amsterdam around 7:30am Amsterdam's time which would have been around 1:30am our time (ET).    Mark and I were able to communicate off and on all day.  He said that they only got about 3 hours of sleep last night and were pretty worn out.   Each time we talked I begged for more and more pictures on your behalf.  We ended up with quite a few before they took off.   

The Revival team Director Ardy asked the whole team to start sharing their story/testimony with people.  His goal is that by the end of the trip the team members will have shared the Gospel through their own testimonies to 500 people.  I love this idea!  Not only will they be sharing each day through music and preaching they will also be spending one on one time with people.  Please be praying that they will reach this goal.  

These pictures were all taken at the airport in Amsterdam.  I thought it looked to be a beautiful airport.  Mark just replied, "really"?  I think he must be pretty tired.  They had thought about going on an excursion into Amsterdam but were too worn out to go anywhere.  Neat fact:  Amsterdam is where Anne Frank lived.  

This is where the team lounged for the 13-hour layover.   Sleep was very hard to come by so please pray that the team will get plenty of rest before they start ministering in two days.  

Mark and Jim found out today that they will get the opportunity to speak even more than they were planning.   Mark prepared 14 messages for the Pastor's Conference, Youth Conference, and church services. That might seem like a lot,  but this is a huge praise that they will get to share with even more people.  I pray that God will use these new times powerfully.  Leonard is the Zambian pastor who will be helping set up these meetings.  It is possible that he will call a spontaneous meeting in the middle of a town or village at random.    Please pray with us that God will use these times to draw men to Himself.  

I am reminded of the verse

How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher?  Romans 10:14

 Let's pray that God uses these men to preach Truth and that God's word will not return void.  Isaiah 55:11.

Tomorrow morning the team will arrive in Lusaka around 10:00am their time (4:00am our time).   Please be in prayer that they will get plenty of rest and final preparation time.  Pray that God refreshes their hearts and that they will be pure and clean vessels that God can use in a mighty way.  

Mark let me know this morning that they will not have many opportunities to contact us with updates.  He did write a blog post that I will share tomorrow.  Also,  I will be posting each day sharing where the team will be and how we can pray for them.  

Waiting in expectancy to see what our God does!

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