Thursday, April 2, 2015

5 Things To Pray For Your Easter Service

As you know Easter is Sunday and with great expectancy we are waiting on God to do a mighty work.  This week we have seen Him so mighty in our midst and the air is filled with wonder at what God will do in the lives of His church and in the unsaved this Easter.  

He has given us a harvest even before the day of Easter with over 10 people getting saved this week, but we are asking for more.  Why?  Because it is His will that all men come to know Him, and we are claiming that!

Starting today and through this weekend I am asking you to pray specifically for your Easter Sunday services. Pray that:

  1. God's Word will go forth in power and that it won't return void.  For our Pastor's to be filled and yeilded to the Spirit of God, that they will be humble, and that God would work through the weakness of man.  
  2. God will soften hearts even now in preparation for Sunday and that God will start drawing people to Himself.
  3. God will fill the Christians with a supernatural joy, love, and faith.  If your church is like ours, this is the biggest Sunday of the year and we want our hearts to be ready.
  4. That Easter activities will take a backseat and that we put on stage the wondrous miracle of Easter!
  5. That we will see revival in our midst.  That we won't just pray for the lost, but also for our own hearts of revival.  

You may have your own requests that you are praying for Sunday and I would encourage you to share those things!  More than ever before we need to be in prayer.  I strongly believe God will show up and show off this Easter if we allow Him to work in our midst. 

 Let's join Him in what He is doing because we know that He is already at work, and then we will praise Him for His mighty display of glory.  

Much love and Happy Easter Week!


  1. Good reminder to share with our intercessors this week. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you have an awesome Easter!