Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekly Prayer Blessings

God is SO good!

       God is SO good!
               God is SO SO very good!!!

I am sitting here amazed at our GREAT GOD.  He again has answered prayers in amazing ways this past week.   Even this evening in the middle of our service, God answered a huge prayer!  I'll tell you a little more about that in a minute.

As I look back at our week I don't know where to begin sharing with you what God has done in our lives, church, and community.  So I will start with Monday.


  • I woke up tired and weary.  I felt like satan was sitting on my head and recorded in my journal that I really needed strength and help from on High.  God granted great strength for the day ahead and overwhelmed me with His great mercy.  

  • I had a huge computer program issue that wasn't going to be resolved.  It looked like I would have  to purchase the program all over again because my download code didn't work.   I prayed and asked God to intervene for me.  He did!  Everything from that point went smoothly and I was given a new code free of charge.  
These might seem ordinary and small to share, but this is everyday stuff that we all deal with and God wants to help us with the everyday things just as much as the big stuff.

  • On Wednesday evening, a small group of ladies met for prayer right before Bible study.  God met with us in a great way and started paving a way for His mighty hand to work.   During the Bible study prayer time, we prayed for the teen and children's programs that night and that people would come to know the Lord.  God answered before the night was up.  5 teenagers and up to 8 children trusted in Christ as Savior.  

  • Our neighbor friend came to church with the kids that night as well.  He didn't trust Christ, but we were thrilled that he was able to come to church with us.  We are praying he will continue to join us and get saved.
  • God answered a prayer request of my son Garrett's.   He had prayed that God would provide a certain amount of money through a yard sale fundraiser.  God answered that prayer and we all were praising the Lord for His provision.  You can read about the story HERE.  

  • I sell pizza every Friday as a fundraiser for the high school senior missions trip.  We order the same amount of pizza every week.  Some weeks we have too much pizza left over and some weeks we don't have as much, but this week I prayed that God would sell all the pizza.  He sold every last slice.  We made more money this past week than we had any other Friday of this whole year.  
  • Our town has an annual Easter Egg hunt that the Sheriffs office hosts the Saturday before the week of Easter.  The Sheriff's department allows us to pass out Easter invites and goodie bags right outside the park gates.  It was so cold on Saturday and the normal crowd didn't show up, but  we were still able to hand out almost 250 invites and goodie bags to each car full of people heading out of the park.  We had a great response from the people and it was such a blessing to be a part of.
  • We found out this morning that another church has started a furnace room ministry as a result of our testimony at the prayer advance.

  • We had 5 people raise their hands for salvation this morning.  No one followed up with us afterward so we are praying that God will continue drawing these 5 people to Himself.  

  • This evening in our prayer service, Mark asked if I would share a testimony about how God was answering prayer.  I shared many things but also shared that I was still praying that God would allow the opportunity for more Pastors to be able to come to the Pastors conference that Mark is speaking at in Zambia next month.   After I shared Mark got up and said that he had just received an email from Africa saying that 50 more Pastors had just committed to coming! 

I only share all these prayer blessing with you so that everyone can see the Glory and testimony of our GREAT GOD!  These answers have absolutely nothing to do with the workings of man, except prayer.  Prayer moves the hand of God as we align our hearts to His!  

What are you praying for this week?

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