Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ramblings From A Pastor's Wife and Verse Cards

Our ladies Bible study group is going through the book "The Best Yes."   Our journey is a little slower than most because we can never fit in all the stuff we are supposed to in our time-frame.  We are splitting our sessions up into 2 chapter increments instead of the proposed 3.

Today's printable goes along with chapters 5 and 6 in the book.  "The Best Yes"  is a good book to help guide in decision-making. If you struggle with making right decisions it might be a great read for you.   

I suggest and recommend many books here on the blog and in counseling.  We love to do Bible studies such as Beth Moore, James MacDonald, Mark Batterson, Jennifer Rothschild, Elizabeth Geroge, Jim Burg, John Piper, John MacArthur, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Kay Arthur, Lysa Terkuerst, and the list could go on forever.  As with any book, author, or speaker it is important to line up everything with Scripture.  There may be times when we come across things that we may not agree with 100% and that's okay if we know how to work through these things.  

Everything that is written or spoken by human can have mistakes. 

I think it is important to know that. 

 If everything that comes out of my mouth 100% of the time is accurate than I am either walking in the Spirit and displaying His fruit 100% of the time (which we know is not possible), or I am in heaven.  This is the same with writers and speakers (including my husband).  

Many people throw out great authors because they don't agree 100% with their thoughts but may I say that we can't agree 100% with anyone but Christ.  On the flip side, if a new believer can't weigh these things then it is probably not best to guide them to a book they won't be able to properly discern.  Also,  there are authors that I don't read because of  non-negotiable theological differences.  I do feel like there are many false prophets, 50% truthers,  and authors writing junk.  These should be avoided as they will lead astray or are just a waste of time and money.  

My whole point is that many times we can find a great author who believes what we believe and yet says something out of character in her/his writing.  We should weigh everything with Scripture no matter the author or speaker because there is no way we can speak 100% truth at all times because we are not perfect.  As readers and listeners, we need to be forgiving while at the same time asking God for His perfect truth to line up in our hearts and minds.  

I hope this makes sense... 

You may think I went on a rabbit trail...

BUT, as we continue in the book in chapter 7 of "The Best Yes" you may find that you don't agree 100% with her thoughts on our decision-making.  Lysa Terkuerst says that there is no such thing as a perfect decision.  I don't think she meant it the way it came across and while I don't agree 100% it is good for us to examine and search Scripture to see what God says about our decision-making.  Can we make a 100% perfect decision? 

 I believe we can...But search Scripture to see what God says.  

It's times that I don't agree with someone that growth occurs the most because it makes me solidify my beliefs by lining it up to 100% truth, God's Word. I will share more of my thoughts in a later post (because this is getting long) on why I think we can make a perfect decision.  

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  1. Great post! I follow most of those authors as well. Cute printables!

  2. Hi Valerie. I'm looking for beautiful Scripture cards in 4x6 size in ESV that I can print out. Do you offer that? Or can you direct me somewhere that I could find that? Thanks so much. - Deb

  3. Great Blogspot!! Thank you, very encouraging! What a beautiful family! Thank you so much for the free fun printables!! Much Blessings, Sandy, sister in the Lord ...Mom of 6 and 5 Grandsweeties!!