Friday, March 20, 2015

His Glory Awakening

I love snow, winter, sweats and sweaters, scarves, snow boots, sledding, and basically everything snow!

BUT, I am super excited about the spring this year.  For some reason, this winter has been the worst for the winter blues.  Has the winter blues hit your family?  We were sick so much this winter and I know many of you had a ton of sickness this year as well.

It is so neat how God can even use creation as great object illustrations for us.   As I look out the window yearning for spring, I am reminded that maybe this is how God wants us to feel.  We should yearn for an awakening.  We should have great expectation for the beauty and glory of creation, but also something more...

Winter can be beautiful, but it can also be a time of darkness.  These phases are so beautiful!  God uses the changing of seasons to point us to His Glorious Awakening, His Majesty, His Power over all things, and His Control over life and birth.  

Maybe this year God wants us to see His Glory revealed even more majestically than normal.  Maybe...just maybe if we wait in great expectation He may even show Himself more glorious this Spring through the awakening and revival of our churches, our nation, and our world.  
Let's not just enjoy the beauty of the season change, let's also enjoy the miraculous working of God in the lives of people!

Enjoy this first day of Spring!!
Waiting in expectation,

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