Thursday, March 12, 2015

Exceedingly Abundantly

Tonight I am sitting here writing this post from a beautiful Young Life camp in Goshen, Virginia.   I am at my first Christ Life Ministries ladies Prayer Advance, and I am blown away by God's exceedingly abundantly goodness to us.  All around me on the campus are ladies praying for God to show up and do amazing things.  I can hear the prayers of ladies as I write this and am in awe of what God is doing in our midst.

  What have I seen in abundance?

  • Tonight GOD showed up in all of His glory and fullness. 

  • I have had the awesome privilege of praying with some amazing prayer warriors who are grabbing the ear of God.  

  • I have seen God break through hearts in repentance over sin.

  • I prayed with a 70 year old woman who tonight felt the call to be a missionary in her neighborhood.   

  • I have seen God use His Word so powerfully through Esther Gillanders message this evening.  It was SO powerful I just sat in awe of God.  I couldn't even write notes and would never be able to translate to you the power of the message.  I will be posting this message as soon as I get my hands on it...with permission.

  • I have heard the powerful testimonies of ladies seeing God do amazing miracles of revival in their midst.  

  • I heard a lady share how God restored her marriage.  

  • I have seen men and women in tears over the working of God in their lives. 

AND...there is so much more.   

God is at work and I am claiming tonight that He will do more than we could ask or think!  I know some of you are praying for us while we are away.  Keep praying, God is answering your request.  

Much love,

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