Thursday, February 5, 2015

Post Christian Culture...The Best Thing For The Church?

I am sure you have heard the term "post-Christian culture" and if you haven't this article might be an interesting read for you.  Over the last few years, the thought "post-Christian culture" has hit the fan through books, internet articles, and sermon titles.  Most of the time when we think of living in a post-Christian culture we equate it to a feeling of loss and defeat.  

I want to point out another thought, possibly a more positive thought on the subject.  

I don't see it as bad.  

You might think I am really crazy, but read on and see what you think, then form your own opinion on the subject.   I am going to point out why I think this post-Christian culture is actually a good thing for the church at large.   

1.  To be found we must first be lost.  Matthew 18:11 and Luke 19:10 both quote Christ saying, “For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.”   We can read of the parable of the lost sheep and the lost coin in Luke 15 to know that something has to be lost before a search is put on to find it. 

The church has known for a while that our culture was lost, but the culture itself did not know it was lost.  The lost have to see they are lost.  Before, they were living under the umbrella of Christianity without the truth of Christ permeating their lives. 

People are coming to true conversion because they now see a need for a Savior.  This is a good thing!

2.  Purging.  We may just be seeing a purging of evil from Christ’s beloved church.  It is no longer popular to be seen in church and for that we are seeing those not fully committed or at least interested falling away.  This is not to say that we still don’t have seat warmer Christians in the church, but we are seeing a traditional departure from the church, meaning, those who always attended because that’s what was expected.  We are seeing Pastors fall away when before their sin would be covered up, we are seeing more of the faithful come to the front, and those who are just in it for entertainment fall away.  

Weeding out and purging the church is a good thing!

3.  The greatest hope is not a political's Christ.   Over the last few years, more than ever before, we have reached out to a person to reclaim our country.  This, more than anything, has shown the heart of our nation.  We are no longer praying to God or relying on Him for our Nation’s need, but are relying on a vote.  Praise the Lord that He can turn the hearts of kings, but that doesn’t seem to be His will right now.  Is it His will that all men turn to Him?  I  believe so.  Then maybe there is a bigger picture that we may not see.  We can be for certain that a human figure is not our savior.

Making sure that we are following Christ alone for our nation is a good thing!

Disclaimer:  I am very Biblically minded when I go to the polls…

This is just an opinion…

I could be very wrong…


I don’t think we will get another President in office, that will share our Biblical views…

Why?  Because…

4.  Persecution leads to dispersion (the Gospel going forth).   One of my favorite books of the Bible is Acts.  I love reading how the early church started, the devotion of Christians at the time, and what true Christianity looks like from the testimony of Acts.  While we have been sitting comfortable in our Christian nation we haven't seen the power of the Gospel go forth as it should.  We do know that Christianity will grow when going through trial.  This is not a new thought.  China is going through this same thing and people are coming to Christ by leaps and bounds because of persecution.  God is growing His church through trial.  We must ask ourselves if we are ready for it because I think it is coming.  We must also ask where will we stand when it comes?

Through persecution we will see a true rising of faithful Christians and true Christianity will go forth.  The Christianity that will stay behind is the comfortable, luxurious, standoffish kind that we all have seen grow more and more in our decade.  I know it is not a popular thought, but have you thought that this comfortable life we have been living is not going to last?  I strongly feel the church needs to be persecuted to reveal the true Bride of Christ.  This also goes with the purging aspect stated previously. 

The Gospel going forth no matter the cost is a good thing!

5.  God gets greater glory.
When man is out of the way and not interfering, but joining the work of God then man is no longer stealing God’s glory.  When each of thing things happen: lost being found, church being purged, God being our only hope, and then the Gospel going forth, we will see God’s glory shine. 

To some this may not be a very exciting topic, but if it is truly our number one goal as Christians for God to be glorified, then we should do everything we can to make that our primary focus.  Change is happening and it may not be very easy, but one thing is for sure GOD IS AT WORK.  And that is a GOOD THING!


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