Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Calendar 2012

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.  I can't believe that the kids will be going back to school this month.  There is definitely a sense of excitement and sadness at the thought, but I am ready!  If I have to say stop fighting one more time I think my head will bust.  I am sure some of you can relate.  All kidding aside...we have had a very eventful summer.  This is the summer of broken things for us.  It seems like everything in life is breaking it started with my cell phone at the beginning of July to my computer blowing up last week with a few things in between (including our car). 

I took my computer in last week to be fixed and the Best Buy associates said there was no chance of saving it.  So today I get to use my new computer.  Having a new computer is a lot of fun, but losing all of my design work, pictures, fonts, graphics, etc. is not fun at all.  So I am starting everything from scratch! 

Because of my limited inventory at the moment I am sharing only one calendar design this month.  Over the next few weeks I will start designing again so check back often for new fun designs and pictures of our family! 

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer,

Design info:
I create and design the layouts and content of my projects, but I do get digital paper packs and fonts from outside sources.  This project features a Mally Mac Digital Design paper from a free paper pack, and The Blue Cabin font downloaded from  Amanda creates amazing fonts that are completely free.  I always want to make sure I give proper credit to these amazing designers who have spent a lot of time creating for others. 

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