Saturday, June 30, 2012

Printable July 2012 Calendar

I was hoping to get these to everyone before today but yesterday brought tons of adventure for our state.  A huge storm went through last night leaving many without power today.  During the storm we were at a friends house and on the way home after the storm had died down I begged Mark to drive around town so we could see the results of the storm.  The sad thing about me is that I wanted to be out in the storm while it was storming...well in the safety of the car.  I know there is something really wrong with me.  While driving around we saw tons of damage to homes, property, and roads.  We were without power for just a short while, but many are still without power.  I am reminded over and over in these days that it just takes a moment for life to be turned upside down. 

Let's not take any time we have here on earth for granted!  This month let's live in the freedom that we have.  Not just the freedom that we have being American citizens, but the freedom that Christ has given us through the salvation that only He can bring to life.  We don't have to live in bondage anymore!  We can be FREE!

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