Sunday, May 6, 2012

To Be Honest

I am having the most wonderful time leading the senior class from our Christian School on a missions trip.  This trip has been life changing and eye opening for us.  We just finished up our 3rd night of VBS with the Indian children from the Lower Brule Indian Tribe in South Dakota. 

Honestly Thursday and Friday night were very tough for us.  Tough because the children need so much love and attention yet only few of them show their need for love.  They have put walls up to protect themselves and they are not yet in third grade.  We felt a little inadequate and in our own strength were not able to do anything. 

South Dakota Missions Trip 006

We were very prepared for some aspects of this trip, but we were not prepared for the way these children acted.  There is no respect for adults among many of the children and so they do not listen well at all.  Many of the children told us over and over “you are not my boss!”  There is not much that will hold their attention and we were very discouraged after our VBS last night. 

After sitting down and evaluating a few things I determined that we were allowing God to take control like He needed to be.  There wasn’t one of us that could change the situation but GOD could.  We decided to hand everything over to Him and follow His direction instead of our own. 

South Dakota Missions Trip 007

This afternoon before going over to the church we sat and prayed through Psalm 34:8-10.  Psalm 34 is my favorite chapter in all of Scripture.  We came to Him asking that He do a mighty work and tonight things turned around 100%.  There weren’t as many kids but that’s okay!  The children were quite and respectful.  They all listened every time we spoke.  God was ever present answering our prayer in such a powerful way.

South Dakota Missions Trip 008

WHY????  Why do we ever try to do things in our own strength?  I was humbled.  God brought me to my knees yet again and showed me that I need to put Him first in everything! 

The most awesome part of situations like these is that they are impossible for man…BUT everything is possible for God. 

Last night after VBS I wrote in my journal this entry:

I am seeking you God to do the absolute impossible tomorrow night that only You can do.  We need you so desperately and there is no way we can do this alone again.  Lord,  You hear the prayers of Your children life Psalm 34 says and You answer them! 

He did answer.  Praise God!

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