Sunday, May 6, 2012

An Adventure

This morning I woke up to the sound of thunder.  I love thunder storms so I was pretty thrilled when I saw a nice thunder storm out my window.  I quickly checked my phone to see what the weather channel had to say about the storm and stayed in bed to watch. 

It wasn’t long before I heard the sound of pings on the roof and realized that it was hailing.  My first thought was rental car!!  It was out getting pelted with hail and of course I didn’t buy the extra coverage for the car.  I hurried out and moved a couple of things in the garage so I could pull it in to safety. 

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This is our first small pelting with hail this morning.  They weren’t very big at all.  Some got as big as a small gumball. 

After the storm let up I decided to run down to a local gas station to buy a cup of coffee and check the tire pressure in the rental car because last night a pressure gauge light went off warning that the pressure was getting low.  I was hoping that a little air in the tire would do the trick.  Nope!  When I got out at the gas station I could hear the tire hissing.  I knew that was not a good sign so I went in the store hoping to find fix a flat.  They did have it but something inside told me that I needed to call the rental place so I did.  After a pleasant phone call I took the car to the only place that fixed tires in the small town of 169 people to find that a HUGE bolt was stuck in the tire. 

Everything was fixed and back to normal in no time.  I was really enjoying myself and the adventure of the morning until I headed home.

On the way home I hit yet another hail storm that released hail bigger than quarter size drops onto my car.  Silly me thought I should drive as quick as possible to get back to the lodge where it will be safe.  I had no idea until later that it could have caused more damage, but I prayed all the way back to the lodge that the Lord would save the car from damage.  I honestly thought ice was going to come through the windshield it was hitting so hard.  It sounded like someone was hammering the top of the car. 

When I got back to the lodge I couldn’t get out of the car to open the garage doors so I honked and honked until Morgan came to the door.  The garage door must have been worn out from opening for me earlier because it decided not to work!  But it ended very quickly after that and there wasn’t any major damage done to the car.  Hallelujah!!  (We heard this evening that surrounding towns got up to tennis ball and egg size hail.) 

I didn’t get any pictures of the bigger hail but I did find out that the rental car can indeed go 60 miles an hour on a dirt road which hadn’t yet gone over 30. 

Adventure.  That’s the life for me!  Smile

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