Thursday, April 12, 2012

Revival Week

This week has been such a wonderful week!  We are enjoying the Encounter Revival Ministries team here at our church.  I have not been able to post the Malachi Bible Study the last few days because of everything going on here, but I will pick it back up Monday morning bright and early. 

Breanna is growing out of her needy stage! Hallelujah!!  She has become more and more independent over the last few weeks and it is a breath of fresh air.  She now has a desire to play by herself.   I can't seem to forget a gentleman telling me that their little one cried and was fussy for the first two years of life and I thought there is no way "our" child would do that.  Ha!  I was really really wrong.  She is now almost two and she has been the neediest child by far than our other two.  Her personality is really starting to bloom and she can be absolutely hilarious.  She is almost a completely different person now and we are all thrilled with this new phase. 

The other day we were in the store and she ran up to an older lady in a check out lane.  She stood beside the lady and looked at me like "mom, you can go now" and waved at me.   She now loves people and is not afraid of going to anyone.  She now has such a soft heart.  When she sees someone crying she will go over to them and give hugs and kisses.  She doesn't like seeing anyone cry.  If Mark chases her or tickles her she says, "silly daddy." It is way too cute. We could really get used to such a sweet, kind, compassionate, cute,  and silly girl.  :)

God is doing a great work this week in the lives of our children and adults.  We have heard some awesome testimonies of Gods amazing work.   We have two more evenings of meetings and I am so excited to see what God is going to do in the lives of His people.  May we be totally yielded to the Spirit that He may use us in whatever way He chooses. 


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