Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Easter Weekend


On Friday morning our weekend started by taking Lexi to the hospital for a little bit of oral surgery.  Everything went great and Lexi had the time of her life.  She was super brave and now has an adventurous story to tell all of her friends. 

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Lexi had never received real flowers before so she was pretty excited when she received two bouquets in one day.  Garrett picked out some pink roses for her to have when she came out of surgery, and her wonderful teacher sent a balloon/flower bouquet.  The whole experience was such a fun one…to her! 

On Saturday we welcomed Encounter Revival Ministries to our church.  They are going to be with us for a whole week.  We are keeping two team girls and have had a wonderful time so far. 

We had such a wonderful Easter Sunday.   We had so many visitors and are marveling at the wonderful working of God!  It was a special day where God showed us that He still uses that same power that raised Him from the dead so many years ago!  Praise God for choosing to work in our lives and in our midst!

Before church we had to take a few pictures.  You will notice that Breanna DID NOT want to cooperate at all.  I couldn’t get any good pictures of the three of them together.  Breanna refused to wear her bow, refused to keep her hair straight, refused to be held, refused to say cheese, and so on…  I am going to try to get some more pictures throughout the week.  Hopefully she will be a little more cooperative. 

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!!!  Praise God for the resurrection.  Without it our faith would be in vain!


  1. Wow....The picture of Garrett with Lexi at the Hospital, He looks "even more " like his It's a Great picture of them!!!!

  2. Great pics and beautiful children; even Breanna! I laughed outloud at the picture of her 4th one down! I would say: Tell us (or show us) how you REALLY FEEL about this little girl!
    Thanks for sharing! (Oh...keep these pictures to use on Breanna's wedding day!)