Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Malachi Study – Day One

I love Bible study!  I also love group Bible study.  I have been so blessed to be apart of a small group Bible study since last fall.  We have all grown in God’s Word leaps and bounds.  Our group Study on Jonah ended a couple of weeks ago and I have been wanting to dive into the book Malachi.  So many times I start from begging to end, but never make it to the end.  Even though I have read the Bible in full many times I have never studied many of the books independently.   Malachi is one of those books that I have never made it to as a study.  Let’s dig in and see what life changing truths we find in Malachi!  Ready?

Start out your study by praying and asking God to illuminate the Scriptures through the Holy Spirit.  Without His help we may miss some very key things that God wants to show us through His Word.  Make sure to get any sin out of the way so it will not hinder the Holy Spirit from working in your life. 

The first thing I always do in starting a new book study is read the book.  We will have plenty of time to tear it apart and dig in, but for today let’s just start by reading the book of Malachi in it’s entirety.  It is very short - just 4 chapters.

Start with a clean sheet of paper or notebook paper and write down anything that jumps out at you, doesn’t make sense, seems out of place, or something you just love.  If you have sticky notes available write questions down on them placing them on the page of question.  This way after your question is answered by the Holy Spirit or further Bible study you can remove the sticky note.  I love this method!

Don’t go into too much depth because this is just a simple reading to get a grasp on the context of the book.  You may consider reading it a couple of times just to make yourself familiar with the text. 

What things did you note as you read through Malachi?

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  1. Great book Malachi, I love the passage about the book of remembrance for those who spake often together with one another about the LORD.... and the passge too about the promise of the messenger that is coming to preapre the way of the Lord.
    Both these are in Ch. 3 but what always strikes me most is that this last book of the bible the very last word is "curse" (smite the earth with a curse) ie the Old Testament ends in curse and the the LORD in the New revelation - the New Testament breaks that curse through the gift of His Son.. mm so much to learn from Malachi esp. about being faithful to the LORD in what He gives us, to return that portion to Him could rattle on for hours a truly great book thanks for stimulating my memory and look again at this precious word, Shaz in oz.x
    PS word verification drives some folks like me batty! sorry, not very spiritual but true..
    I am not a robot believe me..and yet I have to prove it to a robot (computer) that I am not..sigh lets see how many goes it takes...