Friday, March 2, 2012

Financial Sacrifice Challenge Day Seven

Yesterday was the last day of our sacrifice challenge.  It is a challenge I hope to never forget.  The Lord taught me so many things through this challenge.  There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord knew exactly what He was doing when He led me to the word Sacrifice for my 2012 resolution. 

Yesterday morning as we were getting ready for the day there was a knock at the door.  A young guy in our church brought a gift to the door for this frazzled mama.  I was a little frazzled because Garrett was trying to tell me all about football and the different plays as I was letting him know that we didn't have time and he needed to brush his teeth.  (He is all about stories, football, and talking! I thought it was the girls who talked a lot?!?!)  I was also a little frazzled because I had not had coffee for the last few days because we ran out of creamer.  Those of you who know me well might be wondering why I am drinking coffee because I hate coffee.  Well, not any more.  I love it now but only one, 3 Tbl. creamer, coffee, and two packs of fake sugar.  Really not coffee but it serves the purpose of a tasty caffine drink.   So the young guy at the door was bringing a gift of creamer.  His mom blessed me with creamer and a note that said every mom needs some coffee in the morning.  It was really unexpectant and wonderful!

Last night at church a sweet gentleman in our church brought the kids each a treat from England.  When his kids lived at home he would bring them a treat home from his trips.  He thought of our kids and wanted to bring them these...I had to try just a little bit to make sure they were okay for the kids...seeing as they were from a different country. :)

I will write more this weekend sharing the neat things the Lord has taught us and shown us through this sacrifice.  I really feel it is life changing.   Tonight I am pretty sleepy and am not thinking straight so I will fill you in soon. 

Here's my little Lulu!  I just had to share this sweet picture. 


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