Friday, February 17, 2012

God Fumes

This week has been a very trying week.  Last Friday started with the sad news of death.  A young man in our church suddenly passed away.  It has brought a lot of grief to our church family and town.  The impact of such tragedy is overwhelming yet can be very short lived.  We pray that we can be a help and comfort to this family as they see everyone else go back to normal but their own  family.  I pray daily that God would work in amazing ways to honor Himself through this young man’s life and death.  Please continue to pray for this dear family!

God is doing the impossible in our midst, and I want to share some of these things with you for the sole purpose of giving glory and honor to God.  There has not been a day to go by that we have not seen the mighty hand of God at work.  

If I do not record the work of God then I can quickly forget the abundant and amazing  things that God is doing in our lives.  I never want to forget what He is doing or has done in our lives.  So more than anything this is just a record for us to remember.

Everything I am sharing with you all started a couple of weeks ago.  Our church hosted a movie night where we showed the new film Courageous.  The church was packed.  Many of our town’s Police Men, Fire Men, and Rescue Workers came and that night we honored them.  It was a great night.  God was working!  I met a lady that night who knew who I was before I knew who she was.  It is amazing how we can impact a life without knowing it, but God goes before and plans all things out for His good and glory.  At Christmas I took a candy bar bouquet to a random local Hair Salon as a random act of giving.   I prayed over the candy bar bouquet and the Hair Salon, but haven’t given it any thought since then.  The lady I met that night at the Courageous event was the same lady I took the bouquet to I just didn’t recognize her.  They now have been coming the last few weeks.

Since then we found out about a family in our community who lost their baby right before Christmas and have been burdened for them so Mark visited their business to introduce himself to them and invite them to church.  We now know that this couple is best friends with the Hair Salon lady who has also invited them to our church and…this past Sunday they came!  God is at work!

A young man came to Mark after the funeral on Tuesday to inquire about salvation.  Before he left Mark’s office he had come to faith in Christ.  God is at work!

Tuesday Mark received an email from a teacher at a local Community College who was asking him to come and share with the class about Christ.  The young man who passed away last week was a student in this class and the teacher wanted Mark to share with the students about the faith that their classmate had.  Many were very receptive and were able to share about how their lives had been impacted.   Mark just received a follow up email from the teacher this evening saying that she would love to have him return and share in more ways!  PRAISE GOD!  God is at work!

One of the biggest prayers I have for my children is that they would see God at work in their own lives.  That they wouldn’t live in the dust of their parents faith, but they would have a real tangible faith of their own (not meaning salvation because Garrett and Lexi have already made professions).   This Thursday God answered a huge prayer that Garrett had been praying for a year.  Garrett has been praying that a fellow classmate would get saved and he did.  God is at work!

By Thursday afternoon we knew of 4 people getting saved within the prior 24 hours.  We also learned of two others that want to get baptized and follow the Lord’s leading in their lives.  God is at work!

We have been tired and I haven’t posted much this week but God has poured out His blessing upon us and we are so energized and revived even though we feel like our tank is empty…we are running on God fumes!  There is no better way!

What has God been doing in your life?



  1. WOW... you have definitely seen God in your midst!! In times of trials and sadness sometimes its hard to see what God is doing. Yet, when we focus on Him and not the circumstances we see Him more clearly.

    1. So true! We feel both blessed and honored that He would chose to pour out His hand of blessing upon our lives. Sometimes we see His greatest blessings during our greatest trials when we focus on Him like you said! Thanks for sharing! I hope you having an awesome weekend!