Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sacrifice Challenge Day Two

I had such a wonderful day.  Our Ladies Bible Study group met this morning for the first time in weeks.  It was so wonderful catching up with the girls to hear all that God was doing in their lives.  God is doing such an amazing work all around us!  This morning we sat for two hours just magnifying our Lord.  After our Bible study I was able to have a small prayer meeting with our Jonah Bible study leaders. That meeting also turned into another awesome time of magnifying our God.  I am just overflowing with praise.   We serve such an amazing, personal, and real God! 
We have just completed another day of our challenge. Today came with it's own set of dilemmas, but I think we are in the swing of things.   Food wasn't the focus of my mind today and I was glad.  I feel like this challenge was all I thought about yesterday so it was nice to park my mind on other things.

This morning no one wanted much breakfast...I am not sure why?!?  :)  Garrett had a small piece of flat bread, but Lexi chose the nothing option. 

For lunch I sent the kids with rice and beans, a banana, pineapple, nuts, and flat bread.  Mark and I both had a bowl of rice and beans.  At lunch Mark asked if tortilla chips were on the menu and I had to tell him no, but that he could have peanuts instead.  At that point I think it was getting to him a little bit.  Later I know (not just think) that it was really getting to him...

I know because Mark came home a little early with a headache and wanted something non-Ugandan. 
 I was letting him know the 10 things he could have when he decided he didn't want anything and went to take some pain medicine.  I was a little humored, but he wasn't so I started making dinner immediately. 

We had sweet potatoes, corn cakes, corn, and beef.  At dinner he jokingly told the kids he was going to buy me a one way ticket to Africa so I could eat all the Ugandan food I wanted! :)  Dinner was a huge hit.  We had sweet potatoes, corn, beef, and wonderful corn cakes.  I took a corn meal mix, added water to make a thin paste mixture (like pancakes), and fried them up.  They were awesome.   I do not like cornbread at all, but these were amazing. 

I didn't add any milk or eggs to the corn meal mix so they crumbled very easily, but that didn't stop everyone from eating the whole plate full.  *Sorry the picture is so blurry!

I read somewhere that most Ugandans have pineapple for dessert, so we did too!

I am simmering the beef bone to see what I can make up tomorrow with the broth.   I have a feeling Ugandan stew will be on our menu sometime this week. 

The kids didn't have as much drama at school today which was nice.  Lexi has such a wonderful supportive teacher.  Instead of the usual afternoon candy snack, she has been cutting up bananas to feed the kids.  The cool thing is that the banana is optional.  If the student would rather have candy they can, but for every student who eats the banana she puts money in a jar for missions.  Not only are the kids eating healthier snacks they are also helping give to missions by their healthy choice.  How creative! 

Tomorrow we will be trying Ugandan Kabobs and a Ugandan vegetable dish (if I can find the ingredients).  I want to venture out and make more Ugandan recipes instead of eating the staples by themselves.  I guess we will see how that goes. 

Good night,


  1. Unfortunately you need to be careful about feeding the kids such a grain heavy meal. Almost all corn is GMO and all grain coverts to sugar in the body. U don't want diabetic kids. Check out the book nourishing traditions and primal blueprint. For the kids sake. Otherwise, thanks for actually cooking for them. Nothing is worse than kids who don't like home cooking:)

    1. I am excited to say that this challenge will only last us a week. We will go back to normal healthy eating next Monday. We just wanted to experience what our Compassion child in Africa experiences on a daily basis. It has been a wonderful journey so far, but we are really looking forward to real veggies next week!! :)

  2. I am excited and inspired by your Ugandan week! We will do a Kenyan week after our vacation! Noah (5) is excited to eat what our COMPASSION child, Stephen in Kenya eats. Thank you for this wonderful and creative idea to make it real to our children and to us! Bless you friend... ;-) lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa, I can't wait to hear how your challenge goes. You will definitely have to share it!

  3. What a wonderful way to learn about another culture! I absolutley love this project. You are so creative in the ways you are preparing the food. Your dinner looked delicious! I can't imagine what a positive impact this will have on your family. You have inspired me to do a similar project in the near future. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It has been such a wonderful challenge for us. I don't think I was prepared for how hard it would be! I would love to hear how your project goes.