Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sacrifice Challenge Day Three

This week our family had decided to challenge ourselves by sacrificing in the area of food.  We recently adopted a Compassion child from Uganda and wanted to know more about how he might eat.  For this challenge we are eating only what a child from Uganda would eat, but just for one week.  We have just completed day three of our journey.   If you are new to the blog and would like to catch up you can visit these posts: 

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Sacrifice Challenge Day Three

We made it through the day without any drama what so ever!  There wasn't any grumbling or complaining, and everyone was very thankful for the food they were given.  Lexi even passed me a note this evening letting me know how thankful she was for the food. 

I did take some notes from yesterday and switched up the menu just a little bit for today.  I realized that there wasn't enough protein in our diet yesterday which led to Mark getting very bad headache.  Today I made sure everyone had plenty of protein. 

I was also very thankful to find out that Ugandans have onions and tomatoes...well at least that is what I read on the internet.  If anyone really knows please fill me in.  I love tomatoes and onions so I immediately started incorporating these into our diet. 

This is what we had today...

For breakfast I set out pineapple, bananas, and peanuts to let everyone fend for themselves.  

For lunch I sent the kids with rice, sweet potatoes, flat bread, peanuts, and a banana.  Mark and I had flat bread with seasoned beef on top.  We took the liberty of dolloping sour cream on top.  I figured if they have milk then they can surely make sour cream some how.  Right?  Our lunch was really good.  It almost tasted like a fried taco.  I am a huge Mexican food lover so this was great!

For dinner I decided we needed some Americanized Ugandan food.   We had an African version of burgers and fries.  Tomorrow night I will cook the traditional Ugandan meal like I mentioned last night. 

I diced up some potatoes and threw them in a bowl with salt, minced onions, pepper, and oil.  Coated them and put them on a pan to bake.  They were okay.   (I usually make these using an onion soup mix and it turns out awesome.)

I fried up some fresh pineapple and onion to put on my burger.  I love grilled pineapple on a burger.  The best burger in the world is the one from Red Robin with pineapple on it.  This didn't taste anything like it, but it was still a good meal. 

I know that a sacrifice of food doesn't even compare to some of the issues that our little Compassion child goes through.  In no way do I want to give the impression that by altering our food intake for a week we are living like he does.  I still have my cookware, flat top stove, fridge, and other niceties that they just don't have.  We don't live in an area infested with AIDS, have way too many toys and clothes, and are not in want for anything. 

I chose our little boy because he was in such a poor country that is infested with AIDS.  I somehow wanted to make a difference in his life, but he is already making a difference in our lives and we don't even know him.   This challenge is just a small sacrifice that we have made to get to know our little Isaac better.  We are so thankful that God has given us this opportunity and money to sponsor this little boy all the way around the globe. 


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