Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sacrifice Challenge Day Six

I have some good news and bad news.  I am going to share my bad news first.  I have decided to end our Sacrifice Challenge early due to some health issues.  Last night after dinner we were all sitting around having some family time when I had a gallbladder attack.  I haven’t had an attack for months due to eating healthier, exercising, and losing weight.  I thought I was out of danger, but I have a feeling this challenge triggered something causing an attack.  My normal diet consists of tons of fiber, veggies, chicken, whole wheat pastas and bread, and healthy fats.  I do splurge more than I should, but with my gallbladder issues I have really tried to be good.  This week consisted of tons of red meat, very few vegetables, and very little fiber which is why I had an attack last night.  So due to my gallbladder issues I have cut our week long challenge short. 

We have learned so much this week and I wouldn’t take it back because it has been a great experience.  Today Garrett was complaining because of the healthy snack choices I was giving him and I quickly reminded him that we could always go back to eating Ugandan food.  He changed his mind really fast.  It will be a great experience to look back on if only to remind them what they could eat if the complain. Smile 

The good news is that I am feeling 100% better today.  My attack last night was a pretty short attack lasting only about an hour. 

I haven’t exactly decided what our next challenge will be but you can stay tuned for a new challenge coming up in February.  Our kids have been coming up with great ideas for future challenges.  I think they are afraid of what I might come up with.  Smile

I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow worshipping our GREAT God!!!


  1. Well I would still cause it a rousing success! Y'all learned a LOT...and shared it with us :) I'm praying for you this morning & hope you're still feeling better.

    Have a wonderful Lord's Day!

    1. Hi Renee! I hope that new grandbaby is doing well. :) It was a huge success. Even this morning I had to tell them that if they weren't thankful for what I made then we could go back to eating Ugandan. It is a great tool to use when they aren't thankful. :) I am feeling tons better. This week is going to be stocked full of veggies and fruits! Yay! I hope you all have a wonderful week.