Monday, January 30, 2012

Missions Monday


Monday’s here at The Blogging Pastor’s Wife have just become Missions Monday!  I am so excited to share with you posts about Missions.  Missions Monday will be full of guest writers, Mission opportunities, outreach ideas, and so much more.  If you would like to share about a Missions trip or write a Missions article please email me.  It is my hearts desire to one day have a “Blogging Missions” section of my blog. I want to go where ever the Lord leads and take my readers with me through the blog.  This is something that you could pray with me about!

Today,  I have invited Lisa Gerrity of World Servants to be our guest on the blog.  Lisa is a Volunteer Mission Leader with World Servants.  Lisa has such a heart for the Lord and for Missions.  I hope you enjoy her post!


Pray, Commit and Trust...


...three things I rely on, to know when and where God wants me to serve next.  The journey started 13 years ago, with my first World Servants Mission trip.  I had just asked Jesus into my heart, to take over and change my life.  I had made some poor choices and yet according to the world I had a great life, but inside I was running on "empty".  Working as a Flight Attendant for 12 years, I had travelled the globe, lived in Spain, and enjoyed all that the world had to offer.  I had no idea that the real adventure was about to begin.  I was an excited new Christian, eager to learn about following Jesus.


As I drove down the street one morning, something on the Christian radio station caught my attention, "Join us on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and discover the Joy of Serving!"  They described how we'd travel to the island, stay in bunk bed housing, work with locals to build a church, and minister to small children through Vacation Bible School.  I thought, truly this is my Cinderella slipper!  I love children, love to work with people, and love to travel.  And I certainly don't mind getting a little dirty!  They announced the price and the deadline to register, which was quickly approaching.  I got home and started praying... and praying... and praying, and when I knew I had the time off, the deposit required, and felt that wonderful peace of assurance inside, I was ready to COMMIT, and then TRUST Him with the rest.  TRUST that I would raise the total cost to go, TRUST that I'd know what to do on a foreign construction site with no previous experience, TRUST that I'd be able to use my "o.k." Spanish language skills to build relationships there, and TRUST that I would even know what to say to someone who asked about Jesus, when I had only been saved for 4 months myself! TRUST...


One thing I have learned for certain, is that God can use anyone who is willing... even a new Christian on the mission field, if they have the passion to serve and the love of Christ.  At the end of the trip, I loved serving and missions so much that I signed up for their Volunteer Leadership Training that summer.  Preparation included assisting on a trip first and after much prayer, I was flying off to KOSOVO to serve again!  You know you are in the Lord's will, when you can't speak Albanian, but you are making lasting friendships anyway and people are coming to Christ.  I kept PRAYING, and God kept providing;  the passion, the funds, and all that I needed, to know where and when to go next.  It's been 13 years now, (with a 6 year pause to have a son), and I've served on 8 mission trips all over the world, in the D.R., Kosovo, Mexico, Kenya, Navajo Nation, West Virginia and Kentucky. 


God will amaze you if you let Him.  My son Noah is excited to return to Kentucky on his second mission trip this summer, and my sweet husband is leading our Worship again this year!  God is so faithful, and I know He has many more adventures to serve planned for me, as long as I PRAY, COMMIT AND TRUST...


Lisa Gerrity, Volunteer Mission Leader


Join us in Wheelwright, Kentucky this summer, as we serve the community and share the love of Christ!  July 29-Aug 4th, 2012

For more information go to   or contact Lisa Gerrity at .

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Brian, Lisa and Noah Gerrity


"Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms."

1 Peter 4:10


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