Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Journey of Surrender

Yesterday I mentioned that last July a friend and I went on a journey that lasted 5 months, but I have a feeling it will last a lifetime.  This journey wasn't a sightseeing journey, but a weight loss journey.  This journey for me was a journey of surrender.  It all started when my friend Lisa came to me and asked if I want to go through the study "Made To Crave."  She really wanted an accountability partner and so I agreed.  There are a few more details, but I am getting right to the point.  I knew that I really needed to go through a Bible study about food, but in all honesty I didn't want to at all.  I  enjoyed the way I ate, but was having a lot of health issues with my gallbladder and knew I needed to live a healthier lifestyle.  

I have struggled with my weight ever since Garrett was born.  I could no longer eat what I wanted whenever I wanted without gaining weight.  Before I knew it I had gained weight that I tried over and over to get off, but was never successful for any length of time.  I tried so many diets like; Butter Busters (really horrifying), Adkins, South Beach, counting calories, Slim Fast, a BootCamp, and Weight Watchers.  Weight Watchers is the program that I enjoyed the most and was the most successful for me, but I would gain back after I reached my goal.   The whole heart of the matter was wrong, but I really didn't know how to change it.  I knew that God had to be the solution to my problem not a program.  I have tried to include God in my problem before, but never tapped into His strength and power until this study - Made To Crave.  Lisa was also held in such bondage by food. She had tried more programs than you could imagine and wanted to overcome this struggle once and for all. 

So, Lisa and I ventured out onto this journey the day after July 4th and didn't look back.   Through this journey we have lost a combined total of around 55 pounds.  The picture above was taken in November right before we took a small break for the Holidays.  We have learned so much and we have become very good friends.   The biggest thing that I have learned through this journey is surrender.   I surrendered my will and wants to be obedient to God's desires for me.  I surrendered my cravings to crave God instead.  I surrendered immediate fulfillment so that I could have lasting fulfillment through seeing God work so mightily in our lives while losing weight. 

Every day for the month of January I am going to share verses, tips, recipes, things I learned from the study Made to Crave, and my exercise routine with you.  I hope that this will be an encouragement to you.  Even if you do not struggle with weight I will also share ways to apply this to others struggles that you may be going through.   I will continue blogging like normal so these will just be bonus posts. 

I hope that you have enjoyed the first few days of the New Years.  Shew! It can take a few days to adjust to a new year can't it? 

Good Night!



  1. I blog hopped from Women Living Well...I am your newest follower and I am excited to see what you share from Made to Crave... I did the study with a friend, yet I didn't put my all into it! As the new year begins I want to be different in many areas of my life. I do not want food to control me any longer! Love your scriptures on your blog page, I may just have to borrow.

  2. Welcome Piper! I have a love hate relationship with food. :) It is amazing how many people struggle in this area. I pray that you will find freedom in this area. You are more than welcome to borrow any Scripture buttons you want. Blessings to you, Valerie

  3. I blog hopped from Women Living Well too!! I struggle with loosing weight. I do know what to do, but have difficulty doing it! I haven't heard of this study before and look forward to your sharing! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. That's great you lost so much weight! I recently realised that losing weight is a real spiritual battle as well as a physical one, so I love what you said about surrendering cravings to crave God instead.

  5. Thanks so much for coming over ladies! Food is one of those acceptable sins that we push under the rug, but I didn't really understand that until a year ago. God wants so much for us to crave Him instead of all the things we tend to run to. I had to see that God was worth so much more than food, and honestly that was though at first.
    I hope you all have a great weekend. I look forward to jounreying together with you as I continue to give up my food desires for God alone!

  6. Hi Valerie I am a new follower from WomenLivingWell too. Thanks to Courtney for sending us over. I read the made to Crave twice before I wanted to do it. I finally made a choice and medifast is what I chose. Really teaches you disclipine but you have to be so very careful transitioning the right way so not to gain back. I lost 62 and got off for the holidays and gained 12 back so now I have to refocus and get busy before I gain it all back. It really is a lifetime change and if we are not ready to make healthy food choices for life and count the calories or points then lets face it girls...we will gain it back. So we need to get our minds in tune with our Soul and give it to God. If he can break addictions to cigarettes and drugs and alcohol then He can help us girls with our food. Am I right??? Good for all of you loosing now lets keep it off.
    Blessings...KathyM in Illinois