Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Blog Video - Sacrifice

Hey Ladies

Today I am posting my first blog video and I am sure you will laugh.  I am so new to the whole vlog thing.  After 4 takes and 45 minutes I decided to post this one no matter what.   Please excuse all the um's.  I will work on that for future videos. :)

In case you don't get the point of the video from the video here's my point...

  • I want my life to be a life of sacrifice.

  • I want to put God's desire and wants ahead of my own desires and wants.

  • Each month our family will be challenged to sacrifice something for a whole week. Some of the sacrifices will include;  food, money, time, certain clothes, etc...

  • For January our Sacrifice Challenge will be to eat only what a child in Africa would eat.  We might alter the menu a little bit depending on what we can purchase from our grocery store.    My family has no idea that we are doing this so I am sure it will be a shock, but I am so excited about what we will learn from this activity. 

How are your New Years resolutions going?


  1. Great job!! You are beautiful inside and out! Thank you for sharing your resolution. I have not actually committed to a resolution as such. God has given me a word....and I know that I want to stay in HIS Word and work on my relationship with Him. Yet, I have seen sooo many fun and challenging things in blogland and I would like to do many of them... BUT I know that is impossible. Sooo I am still floundering around as to exactly what to do...and I am allowing the Lord to show me. Check out my latest post Mission Accomplished. I know that I am to be still before the Lord and allow Him to show me what HE wants of me. Loving how you are incorporating your word with your family...awesome!!

  2. Well done on your first video - it was really great! The main thing I want for this year is a deeper relationship with Jesus an that's what I'm focusing on the most. Thanks for what you share and the way you share - it's very encouraging.

  3. Thank you so much for your encouragement! Who needs resolutions when the desire is just to see more of God! My this year be a year marked by true spiritual growth. I hope you both have a blessed weekend!