Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Acts of Giving - Day Four

For those of you who have just started reading the blog I am in the middle of a week long journey of giving.  At the beginning of the week I challenged the children at our church to do one random act of giving each day this week.  I too wanted to be apart of this challenge and wanted to share my own journey with you.   I have had so many new readers in the past week so I thought a quick explanation would be good.  I hope that you too are challenged not necessarily to do random acts of giving, but to see how simple gifts can make such an impact on people.  I had a reader share this testimony with me and I couldn't wait to pass it along. It was in reference to "Random Act of Giving" day one...

I specifically went through the McDonald's drive thru today, to try this. I ordered a drink, and then saw a woman pull up behind me. I paid for her order, and when I looked back, I saw her face fade from confusion to delight. Then I saw her look to the car behind her, and proceed to pay the cashier. I can only assume that she had decided to pass on the gift to someone else. It was a blessing to see, and made me wonder how far one small act of kindness can go. Giving is so contagious. Thanks for sharing this idea!   - Anonymous

For me this activity has given me a different look on Christmas this year.  My focus hasn't been so much on buying presents and baking, which I have been doing, but it has given me a heart for reaching out to others and loving on people I don't even know getting nothing in return.  In all reality I have gotten in return.  God has abundantly blessed me through gifts He has given, I have heard so much feedback from my readers that has blessed me beyond measure, and I have a joy that could only come from giving to others.  I would say that I have been giving the greater gift this season and I didn't even know when I started that I would be blessed SO much!

Random Act of Giving - Day Four

Yesterday I took $5.50 worth of quarters, put them in little sandwich bags, placed a Random Acts of Giving card inside, and went to town.

My goal was to find pop machines that I could tape the bags to, but our town is smaller and there were only 3 different pop machine locations.  That meant I had to get creative.  Here is what I was able to do with all my quarters.

1. Coke pop machine
2. Shasta pop machine
3. Pepsi pop machine
4. Newspaper man - paid forward 3 newspapers.
5. Arcade game machine
6. Laundry Mat - placed bags on different machines.

$5.50 went a long way.  It helps when a Shasta pop machine is only $.25 a drink and our town newspaper is only $.50.   I wanted to get pictures at each location but some were very busy and I didn't want to draw any attention so you will have to pretend there are pictures to go with each location.  :)

I am posting the card for all of my readers in case you would like to use it.  I should have created this card at the beginning of the week, but I finally thought of the idea yesterday.  Click on the link below the card to print. 

Merry Christmas,

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  1. Valerie this is a wonderful idea. I have enjoyed seeing how his week has unfolded for you and the children and the blessings that have come from it. Have you considered creating a generic card for random acts of giving to be used at times other than Christmas? Then it can become a year round pleasure!