Saturday, December 17, 2011

Random Act of Giving - Day Six

Yesterday I was not able to complete my random act of giving because I was down all day.  The fun part of marriage is that you share everything...even sickness. :)  It all started with Mark and ended with me, but we had a good day today so I was able to catch up with my random acts of giving. 

I completed two days in one and had such a wonderful time!  Today I went into a larger city to do some shopping and decided to use some of my stash (Bath and Body Works) for my random acts of giving.  I wrapped up 3 gifts to give to each cashier that helped me with my purchases.  It was one of the funnest days of giving I have had and will be doing it again in the future. 

I was pressed for time and couldn't find my gift bags so I had to settle for large plastic food bags.  I wrapped up each gift with a Merry Christmas tract and a Random Act of Giving card, then headed for town. 

Each cashier that I purchased something from got a gift and every single one was absolutely shocked and thrilled.   My cashier at Kohl's was so surprised that she said she was going to cry.  I was touched and she was touched.   I had three to give today but was having so much fun that I stopped by Bath and Body Works (with a coupon) to get more stuff to give.  It worked out great because during Christmas they offer free gift wrap.  What a fun day!

Every year Mark's Uncle sends the most beautiful cards.  It came in the mail today and I wanted to show it to you.  My camera didn't capture the colors exactly right but it is gorgeous.  Uncle D. has such a wonderful eye for beautiful and unique things.  I look forward to his Christmas cards every year. 

I hope you all had a stress free day!  If you were out and about it might have been hard to do.   One week left until Christmas!  Merry Christmas,


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