Monday, December 26, 2011

Printable January 2012 Calendar

I can't believe we are heading into a new year.  This year has flown by for us as I am sure it has for everyone.  To help everyone bring in the new year I have created a couple printable calendars.   I hope these will help make your new year bright and organized. 

With the new year approaching it is a great time to do a life evaluation.  Mark and I set aside time at the end of each year to evaluate our life.   There are three things that Mark and I evaluate on a regular basis.  We started this evaluation when we were first married.  A new year is a perfect time for this evaluation, but we also evaluate when we see life getting out of hand. 
  1. Are we closer to the Lord now than we were last year?  Is the Lord first place in our life and if not what needs to change?  Are we heading in His direction for our lives?  
  2. Have we made our family a priority?  Are we the godly parents that God would have us to be?  
  3. Are we ministering in the way God would have us ministering?  Are we putting ministry above God or family?  Are we striving to have a Christ centered ministry or is ministry an idol? 
This is just a basic structure of questions we use to evaluate our lives.   God first, family second, and ministry third.  If anything is above these things in this order we make some adjustments.   We also make New Years resolutions that help get the little things in life back in order.  I will share more about some of my resolutions in the near future. 

I hope you have a great last week of 2011!  Even with New Years coming we don't have to wait another day to live the way we should.  Every moment should count in light of eternity!  Live as if today were your last.


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