Friday, December 30, 2011

Just A Pair Of Shoes

If you know me well you know that I love Goodwill/Thrift Stores.  I do most of our clothes shopping from Goodwill or Once Upon a Child.  We were at Potomac Mills in Fredricksburg over the weekend and while it was fun to look I couldn't buy anything because I am so thrifty when it comes to clothing.  

I came right home and headed to the closest Goodwill yesterday and really walked away with some awesome deals.  Goodwill is hit or miss, and yesterday was definitely a hit.  I walked away with...

A brand new Gymboree dress shirt for Garrett.
An almost new Ralph Lauren sweater for Garrett.
A couple Chap's dress shirts for Mark.
A Chap's dress for Lexi. 
A pair of Baby Gap shoes for Breanna.
A Tommy shirt for me...


A pair of Gucci loafers.  Goodwill is the only place I buy shoes...weird I know (I disinfect them).  I was looking for some brown loafers and looked up to find these really nice brown metallic Gucci shoes.   I picked them up and bought them without really thinking much about them.  On the way home I thought back to our Potomac Mills trip and remembered that the busiest store in the whole mall was the Gucci store.  I have been in a couple Gucci stores before, but never once thought about buying anything in the store.  One look at a price tag and the thought goes out the window really quick.  I paid $2.50 for these shoes and was thinking they were worth anywhere from $100 - $150.   When I got home I started researching these shoes.  They meet all the requirements of real Gucci shoes, and come to find out they are worth $500.  I was shocked.  I put them in my closet and went on my way...but couldn't stop thinking about those shoes. 

I went to bed last night thinking about those shoes.  I woke up this morning thinking about those shoes, and as I drove to town I thought about those shoes.  God was really speaking to my heart and the matter wasn't was about orphans in Africa. 

I had a pair of expensive shoes in my closet, but there are children without food, parents, and money dying of AIDS.   The Lord was really speaking to my heart telling me that He wanted me to sell the shoes and give the money to help others instead of wearing them around pretending that I had a social status that I do not have nor want. 

I have done a lot of selling on Ebay and know that I can get way more than $2.50 for these shoes, but whether they sell for $50 or $200 it doesn't matter.  I know that by selling them I am being obedient to what the Lord would have me to do.  I think selling the shoes to give to orphans will make way more of a difference than putting them on my feet. 

I in no way am saying that buying or wearing Gucci is wrong, but it would be wrong not to listen to the Spirit of God asking me to do His will. 

Just a pair of shoes?  No.    A God given opportunity!

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