Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Tracts - 3 Different Looks - One Great Message!

Halloween seems to get bigger and bigger every year.  In the Christian realm there are many who do not celebrate Halloween, but there are also many who do.  Whether you are for or against celebrating Halloween one thing is for is such a great opportunity for outreach.  There is no other time of year that children show up at your door dressed up in costume asking for a treat. 

I wanted to design some very fun tracts that would help you reach the children coming to your door.  These are very small and easy to read.  They are also FREE for you!  You can print them right from your printer. 

I hope these will a help to you! 

*NOTE* - I am very new to Scribd and have realized that these might look a little messed up (not sure why), but if you click on the link it will take you to Scribd and it should look normal.  Let me know if it doesn't work.  Thanks!
Halloween Tract 1 Halloween Tract 2 Halloween Tract 3 small signature

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