Monday, July 4, 2011

Don't Stop Running


 by Maria Hartman

Picture this. You are currently in a very long and strenuous race; in fact, it is a major marathon. You move at a steady pace because that is what is necessary and what is required of you. You are driven to win and therefore you persist. It isn’t about winning for the sake of winning, it is purely for what awaits at the finish line. You run when it is
sunny, you run when it is cold and windy, and you run in the dark. This is by no means an average race. This is something far beyond what even the best runners have trained for. It is for the called, and only the ones who HEAR, will respond accordingly.

You run for a purpose; you run for a prize. But there will not be money, or a trophy at the end of this race; you are sure of that and content with that as well. A very reliable Source has told you some of what you can expect on the road and at the finish however. It is this that keeps your motivation up during the trials and through the sorrows. Many of your friends cannot understand WHY you’d bother running when you could sit down, take it easy, and just enjoy life. And they certainly can’t figure out why you’d run
with the knowledge that you won’t receive fame or fortune for your efforts. As you run, you can hear the calls from the sidelines, “Give it up, it’s not worth it.” At times you are tempted to do just that, but your heart is the wellspring of life, and it pumps with a new Power, directing your mind to think on whatsoever is true, pure, just, lovely, praiseworthy, etc. This renewed mind now kicks in and commands the aching body to press on…one step forward and onward and upward. Slowing down at times is permitted, but stopping is never an option.

Are you a Christian? If so, this is you; this is me. We are running THE race
of a lifetime, not for fame or glory, but for the most incredible prize imaginable. This Prize is the reason we even began running in the first place, and He awaits us at the finish line. He wouldn’t be anywhere else when we cross that line. Jesus. Jesus Christ will be there as He has been for every step of your race. He is the One who gave you water when you thirsted, the One who embraced you as you cried from the pain, and the One who whispered His undying love for you as He gently affirmed, “I know you can because I am here.”

Friends, we run as individuals, (but together as well), and we run for life. Praise God, your prize won’t be diminished because of mine, nor will mine be diminished because of yours. ALL of Him is each of ours! That is truly amazing!

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