Monday, July 11, 2011

Not So Sweet

A couple of days ago I posted about our sweet Breanna...well today she was not sweet at all.  It seemed as though she cried all day long.   I couldn't do anything to make her happy.  I have a feeling that she is teething again, but she already has 12 teeth and she is only 13 months old.Our church is doing soccer camp as VBS and it has been wonderful.  I had never heard of doing a sport camp for Bible School before we moved.  I think it is such a great idea and the kids love it...even Lexi.  I will post some pictures later on in the week of VBS.

 I really don't know what to do with one of my children.  She will not clean for anything...I won't mention names. :)  We have disciplined her, talked with her, and even taken things away yet she is not catching on.  We have disciplined some more, and even tried rewarding when she does clean, but it wears off after 10 minutes.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I am hoping that this will not be a pattern for later on in life.

I am so thankful that even though we all have weaknesses that God is molding us and making us who He wants us to be when we are willing to be used by Him.  I am reminded daily that life without Him is not true life at all.  I just pray that my children, and the children of our church and school will fall deeply in love with God.  That they will not focus on the things around them that fail, but will trust in the unshakable God of the universe.


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