Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Series: Stretching Your Dollar Part Three

This weeks Saturday Series is Saving Money on the Internet.

I am quickly  going to share with you my favorite sites for saving money online.   In all honesty I do not shop online a lot, but if I need to purchase something these are the sites I check first.

  • Ebates - Is an awesome website that can save you money each time you shop online.  When you use Ebates you can earn up to 25% cash back at your favorite stores.  Most of the time the cash back is 2%-7% cash back.   To get started all you have to do is set up an account,  click on your favorite store, and shop.  Their website is

For Christmas this past year I did a lot of early shopping online.  I used Ebates for every online purchase and received a $15.50 check just for shopping.  Not only did I get cash back through Ebates but I used a great website listed below to find the best deals on things I was already going to purchase.  I was able to cut our small Christmas budget in half using these websites and store coupons.

You can also use Ebates for home supplies from Home Depot or Lowes.  Purchase through Ebates, choose the store pick up option,  and you will get a percentage of your total back in cash.   It also works for Best Buy as well.

  • Retail Me Not - Is a website that helps you search for coupon codes from your favorite stores.  For instance, if I type in Bath and Body Works into the search it will show me the best coupon codes to use online or in the store.  Right now you can save 20% on your online purchase by typing in a certain code at checkout, or you can print a coupon to use in the store for a free product.    This also works for some restaurants as well.  Every time we order pizza I check this website for coupon codes.   Sometimes there will be a good coupon code and sometimes there will not, but it is worth checking to see.  Their website is .

  • Groupon - Is a website that offers daily deals for stores in your area.  You purchase this daily deal,  print of a voucher, and redeem it in the store like a gift card.  The other day you could get a $20 Old Navy gift card for $10.  A couple of weeks ago they had a $20 Bath and Body Works gift card for $10.  Their website is

  • Money Saving Mom - This site is one of my go to sites to find the best deals online and at stores I regularly shop.  Crystal is a Christian lady that has a wonderful website helping moms save money.   At Christmas time she shares the best deals to save you the most money when shopping for gifts.  I saved 50% on almost every gift (online and in-store) by watching her site and using her money-saving tips.  Her site is

  • Amazon - I love Amazon!  When I need to purchase a book I try to resist going to Lifeway or Family Christian first...even though it is hard...because I usually want it right away. :)  Amazon is a great way to find books at great prices, especially if the book is older.  A year ago I was going to purchase a Beth Moore Bible study which runs $15 in the store.  Instead, I checked with Amazon and found the same book for $5 (shipping included).  When I go into Lifeway or Family Christian I make note of the books I would like to purchase so I can compare them with Amazon.

  • Ebay -  Is an online auction site that sells used and new items at discounted prices.  In the past I have done a lot of selling and buying on Ebay.   You can get a lot of good deals if you know exactly what you are looking for.  If not, you can spend a lot of time searching for an item you might not even need.   To show you how to save money I looked up a beautiful  Banana Republic shirt that retails for $60, the same shirt (new) on Ebay is priced at $26.50.   You can find great deals on Mary Kay, Stampin Up, and other name brand items as well.

  • Use the internet to find the best deals -  When we were in need of a new vehicle we research, and researched, and researched what kind of car we needed/wanted.  When we settled on the model we wanted the search for the best/lowest price began.  We used the internet to search for vehicles within 100 miles of us and finally found THE one.  By using the internet to search we were able to find a great used vehicle with all the qualities we wanted for $4,000 less than many other dealerships were selling the same used car (with the same mileage and wear).

The internet can be a very helpful tool when looking for good deals.  Just remember that there will always be a deal.  You do not need every deal out there.   I hope this was helpful information.  I would love to hear your money-saving tips!


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