Friday, May 20, 2011

So Proud

Tonight we went to the school's Patriotic Concert. I am almost speechless when it comes to describing the event. The children and teens did such a wonderful job! It was very powerful and gripping. I am SO proud of the students, their hearts, and the willingness to sing so beautifully for the Lord.

The music director is one of the neatest ladies I have met.  She is so gifted and talented!  The students under her leadership did an amazing job.  We are SO thankful for the ministry of all the teachers.  Our teachers have such a heart of love for the students and the Lord.   I praise the Lord for their godly influence in our children's lives.

I am so sorry about my picture quality.  I forgot my other lens and my camera was not acting properly...neither was my youngest.   She was a complete HAM!  She was trying to direct the music, sing/yell to the top of her lungs, wiggle and squirm everywhere,  and make goo goo eyes at everyone.   She finally fell asleep at the end.  I think it was from being so worn out.  :)

A girls trio sang the most beautiful song called, "It Has Always Been the Soldier."   It was a powerful song, and very beautifully done!

A guys quartet followed with a song, "A Few Good Men."  It was also an amazing song.  Garrett was able to sing a solo/duet as well and did a wonderful job.  I wish I had the video camera to record it, but as Mark says, "his secretary didn't charge the battery"...that being me.  :)    The whole night was awesome!

Thank you so much students and staff for putting on such a wonderful program.   We are so proud of you all.

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