Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Life Challenge #4

This week the ladies of our church have started the Beth Moore Bible study Patriarchs.  I have done this study before and am thrilled to dive back into it.   As we go through this study I will probably pull out challenges that will fit the study so that we aren't overwhelmed with challenges.  :)  Even if you aren't going through this study you can still join us in our Home Life Challenges.

On day 1 of the study we were asked to write down things we were blessed with.  Beth Moore writes that, "We are blessed to bless.  Blessed with spiritual gifts?  Bless with them!  Blessed with intelligence and skills?  Bless with them!  Blessed with finances?  Bless with them!"  I will add a few more...Blessed with health?  Bless by taking a meal or making a card for someone with poor health!  Blessed with a material?  Bless with that abundance!

This week think of something that God has blessed you with, then go and bless with them!

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