Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fishing, Fun, and Goodbyes

Last week we had Isaiah with us for a whole week.  We had such an awesome time and hated to see the week end.  We had good friends come to see us last Tuesday so the kids took the day off to play play play!

We took the kids fishing in the creek, but it ended up a swimming party.  :)

We also had a fun picnic with no napkins or plates (note Garrett's face)...You probably know by now that our outings can be very entertaining.

The above picture was taken right before Breanna knocked the whole container of puffs on the ground.

On Thursday we took off to the lake to enjoy a picnic and some fishing.  I finally got my fishing license so was thrilled to finally be able to fish.  We were at the big lake for 1 1/2 hours and caught nothing while we watched another gentleman catch 6.  We decided to head to a smaller pond in town.  Garrett cast and as soon as it was in the water we caught the first fish.  Within the next hour we caught 20 all together.  Lexi did get caught with Garrett's hook once and went hysterical.  She was fine, but it could have been bad.

On Friday Mark's Aunt and Uncle came for a visit.  We had a wonderful time.  On Saturday morning we went around to some local flea markets.  Mark came out with a treasure.  He found a 1830's New Testament for only...$1.  They were going on eBay for WAY more.  Flea markets can be so much fun especially when you find something great.

We also had some friends come and visit on Saturday.  We went to a surrounding town had pizza and went to the park.  We have some pretty cool parks around here.  The kids had a blast!

We hated to say goodbye, but we LOVE our new home and church family.  The Lord has blessed us abundantly!!

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