Friday, May 6, 2011

Fish Guts

Last night we took the kids fishing again to the small pond with lots of fish.  Garrett really wanted to beat his record.  Last week he got 7 fish so he was hoping to get 8, and he did.  Altogether we caught 10 in an hour.  Some of the fish Garrett caught last night were huge...well for that pond :).

Lexi has an obsession with the word guts.  I am not sure where this came from or why she is so fascinated with this word.  Mark uses pliers to get the fish hook out of the fish mouth and Lexi put it in her mouth.  All we heard from that point on is how she ate fish guts and worm guts.  I never knew fishing could be SO dramatic :).

1 comment:

  1. Valerie, this is so cute! Great shots, great fisherman, and great drama! What more could you ask for in a day!! Love and miss you guys!!!