Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Is Here

The kids are so excited to be out for summer break.  It usually takes me a week to adjust. :)  This year it only took one day to hear the words, "mom what can I do...I am bored."

I am really excited about having the kids home.  We are already thinking of fun projects, service ideas, and things to do during break.  I know it will take a lot to keep them from being bored.  But I have taken the advice of others and created a new rule: If anyone says they are bored they get a chore. 

Hopefully this summer I won't hear the "bored" word too much!   I hope you had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend.



  1. I love that rule! I am adopting it immediately!

  2. And if you do then you will get lots of things done around the house! That is an awesome rule. I will definitely use it someday! Or maybe I will just NEVER teach little miss 's' the word "bored". Do you think I could pull that one off? Ha!