Monday, May 30, 2011

It's Not Fair!

It’s Not Fair!

By Maria Hartman

How many of you have heard these words before? How many of you have spoken them? This phrase has been repeated over and over again since the beginning of time and in each and every language that exists. It has been whined and shouted and cried by young and old alike. It is a group of words that shows just how self centered we really are. Usually our discontentment over a situation is what provokes this thought process; we feel we deserve something we aren’t getting or haven’t gotten. Someone else wins, or is elevated, or has something we don’t have! Since they do, we determine that fairness (as we see it) is non-existent. This is a characteristic common in very young children; unfortunately it is all too common in adults as well.

But what if we turned all of it around? What if every time we were given something we didn’t expect or deserve, or were blessed by someone or something, we declared, “It’s not fair!” What if we responded this way after getting word that we would be receiving a large raise? How about if our son decided that it was more important to listen to the will of God than to what his friends wanted him to do? Or, what if a neighbor just decided to bring a hot cooked meal over because she knew you weren’t feeling well? Are you ready? “It’s not fair!” Doesn’t that even sound ridiculous? We cannot wrap our minds around something ‘good’ or something that we like as being unfair, but we can so easily do it with what we don’t like. In a heartbeat, we can look at ourselves and see that we got the short end of the stick.

What is fair? As an adjective it is defined as: ‘free from biases’. Isn’t biased exactly what we are when we deem something unfair? Who are we thinking of when we determine something to be unfair? The answer to that is more than obvious.

Consider this: What if ‘fair’ motivated our Savior to serve or to love or to give? Where would you or I be?

Was it fair that He completely bore the full weight of your sin or of mine? Is it fair that though man continues to mock His Holy Name, He still offers the gift of forgiveness to all who will trust in Him? Is it fair that those who are His children have a home prepared for them in heaven because Jesus made the way? Is it fair that I have a comfortable bed to sleep in, cold water to drink, and food to eat when other people have none of that? Is it fair that I possess more than one copy of the written Word of God? Is it fair that though I sin and disobey Him, He continues to forgive me and love me? Is it fair that my eyes take in the incredible colors and beauty of
the trees and the mountains day after day? And is it fair that He desires to use someone like me to advance His Kingdom on earth? NO. NO. NO. None of this is ‘fair’. But all of this is real.

For Today:
Will you today, turn everything you see as negative into thanksgiving? You have so very much. And will you look at every positive thing you experience as evidence of His grace and provision? You have so very much.

Dear Lord may the words: “It’s not fair!”remind us of only one thing: the sacrifice that saved our sinful souls.

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  1. Maria, you've done it again! just plain ole "WOW"! What a way to look at "it's not fair".....thank you for such good thought that I can practice in my life today. You are a blessing to me and yes, one that I don't deserve; but so grateful that God has allowed you to know Him and to put You in My life.