Monday, May 23, 2011

Pin Wheel Diaper Cake

I was able to make a diaper cake for a precious family last week. I love to create fun things and this was definitely a very fun project.

Here is how to make a diaper cake in case you ever want to give it a try;

  1. Gather Supplies - 1 pack of diapers, ribbon, rubber bands, a base (large decorative plate or serving tray), an empty paper towel cardboard, filler (shredded paper, candy, toys, ribbon), and a topper.  In this case I have used pin wheels as the topper, but  I have used flowers in the past and that worked very well.

  2. Roll each individual diaper up and place a rubber band around it to keep it in place.  I love the small black rubber hair bands, but small rubber bands work just as well.

  3. Start putting the diapers in a circle around the paper towel cardboard/roll.  For the bottom layer you should have around 28 diapers.  Take a larger rubber band or ribbon to hold these diapers in place.

  4. Now place the remaining 12 or so on top of the bottom layer in a circle around the remaining paper towel roll.    Put a rubber band or ribbon around this layer and adjust the diapers to make a perfect circle.

  5. Take the ribbon and circle it around each layer.  For this one I used two different types of ribbon layering the smaller on top.

  6. Add the filler in between each layer and on the bottom.

  7. Place your topper on securing it so that it will not fall off the cake.  For the pin wheels I tapped them to wooden skewers and inserted the skewers into the paper towel roll.   If you use flowers the stems will go right in the paper towel roll as well.

Here are  a couple tips that will make a better diaper cake.

  • Use white diapers.  Pampers swaddler brand is mostly white and they smell wonderful.

  • Using one pack of diapers makes a smaller cake and is a lot easier to do.  The more diapers you use the more decorations and layers you will need.

  • Choose your base and colors first.   It is easier to pick out the base and use it to pattern everything else after.  Sometimes it can be hard picking out the colors first just to find there isn't a base that will match.

Pin wheels are a fun and inexpensive way to decorate.   Here is how to make a pin wheel...

  1. Start with a double-sided patterned piece of paper.  Cut it into a square of any size.  I used 6x6, and 3x3 for this cake.

  2. From each corner cut a straight line toward the middle stopping within an inch.

  3. Bend and glue one corner on each side of the square toward the middle.   I chose the top of each side to bend toward the middle.

  4. After gluing place a centerpiece for each pin wheel.  As you can see I chose buttons, but you could use sequins, flowers, paper circles, or brads.

  5. Now affix them to the skewers and place on the cake.

I hope this was a helpful tutorial.



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