Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dirty Again!

I often wonder how I can pick up the whole house to immediately turn around to see it needs cleaning again.   How it happens so fast I have NO clue.

As I was sweeping the floor for the third time today I realized that cleaning will be an everyday part of life.  Messes can't clean themselves up even though I wish they could.  As long as there is dirt there will always be a need for cleaning.

It's kind of like sin.  Sin makes our life so dirty.  As long as there is sin there will be a need for a Savior...someone to cleanse our hearts.   Even though (as Christians) Christ paid for ALL our sin we need daily tune ups.  The longer we live in the flesh without the washing of the Word the messier our lives get.  We should make Bible Study and time with the Lord a daily exersice...sometimes 3 times a day depending on the day.   We cannot live out the Christian life by ourselves.  We need the Lord!

I couldn't post without showing one of my messy culprits.  :)  Have a blessed day!


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