Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Divine Appointment

Have you ever had a time when you feel the Lord had you at a certain place at an exact certain time?

On Tuesday evening a couple of friends and I met together for some fellowship.  It is a little comical because the time and date had changed several times, but we finally settled on 5:00pm Tuesday evening.  We drove to a place near the creek and settled in. Five maybe ten minutes later a family comes by and starts a conversation with us out of the blue.   The woman stopped to chat for a while.   It only took a few minutes into the conversation to find out that she too was a believer.  Her heart ached so much for her unsaved family that they were staying with in a surrounding town.  She was so burdened for them and has begged the Lord to open their eyes to Himself.  Before she left we were able to pray with her for the salvation of her family.  The Lord truly knit our hearts together as believers even though we live miles and miles apart.

It was so neat to see the Lord working through this small encounter.   We might never see this dear lady again on earth, but we will be praying for her family!  The body of Christ is such a neat thing.   The family of God isn't bound to the church walls we visit every goes SO far beyond.   We were all able to exchange contact information, and I am excitedly waiting to hear what the Lord does in the life of her family.  Please pray for this woman, her name is Shari.  I know she would greatly appreciate your prayers.


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