Monday, May 2, 2011

A Glimpse of Truth

A glimpse of Truth… Maria Hartman

This Easter morning, long before the sun came up, I was awakened by a sweet curly headed girl in need of her mommy. Stomach pains have been keeping her from going to sleep and often from staying asleep. At this point, we don’t know exactly what is going on; only that she is hurting. Since I didn’t want to wake my husband, I went with her into her room. It was there that I received a blessing in a manner I could never have anticipated.

As I held her in my arms, she moaned and cried softly from the pain, trying her hardest to be brave. And as she reached for me, she just couldn’t
get close enough…even going so far as to lay her head on top of mine. I got teary eyed again; consciously aware that I would take her pain and place it all on myself in a heartbeat if it meant that she didn’t have to suffer it. It was then that the Lord brought this truth to my mind.

Vividly, in the dark of night, a crystal clear image of my Savior was before my eyes. This is just what Jesus did; exceedingly more, yet it is what He did. He saw my need and the pain my sin caused me. He saw I couldn’t get rid of it on my own and that I was hopeless without His intervention. Unlike my daughter, for a long time I was completely unaware of
my condition. But His love could not be inactive, His love had to be demonstrated, and praise God it was. While I was yet a sinner, He died for me. I was empty, helpless, and had absolutely nothing to offer Him. That didn’t stop my Lord. He shed His own sinless blood to heal me; to cover all my sin and wash me clean. His love, through His pain has made me new, and I’ll never be the same. As my daughter sought the nearness of the one who loves her so, Jesus has allowed me to get close to Him in my pain. He has called me gently yet persistently to remind me that He is there. No need in my life has been greater than my need for Him.

Ironically, though I can’t touch Him or hold Him, I’ve been given the privilege of getting far closer to Him than my daughter is able to get to me. She can wrap her arms around me and lay her head on mine, but she can’t have more. But I am IN Christ
Jesus, and He is IN me. I am completely humbled anew to think that the Holy Son of God would want me in Him and make it possible that He could be in me…now, today, and forever. Sadly, I don’t dwell on that amazing fact near enough.

For Today: Through this situation in my life, God has given me a different perspective on what happened at a place called Calvary…the  place where intense love fueled the greatest sacrifice ever given to mankind. Redemption. Full and complete. Here a Savior named Jesus Christ saw the pain and devastation of the sin that was a part of my life, and He came for me, waiting until I responded in faith to His Word and to His invitation. Finally ready to come to the cross and give it up, I offered Him nothing but filthy sin and pride. He took it, and placed all of it on Himself, leaving none of the penalty for me. What amazing love that has made forgiveness a reality! I praise God that as we celebrated an empty tomb and a risen Savior on Easter morning, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind about the nearness of this God who lives. 2 Corinthians 5:21 For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

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