Monday, May 16, 2011

Medical Missions Trip Testimony

 For my son, Jack, and I, going on this surgical medical mission was a wonderful opportunity to see how God can work different ways. We
thoroughly enjoyed watching and assisting a skilled plastic surgeon repair cleft lips and palates, again and again in 1 1/2 to 2 hours with
life-changing results each time. Jack enjoyed assisting the surgeon and the anesthesiologist and has even more determination now to keep studying hard to one day pursue a medical career. My favorite role was getting to pray with each mom when her child was taken into the OR and after surgery bringing her to the recovery room to see her child's face. Each time I was in tears and she was too. It was worth all the sacrifice to get there.

 At one point during the surgical outreach, God highlighted a lady waiting for surgery. I asked her if we could pray with her and her husband joined us to pray for a miracle for her ear. We began to worship the Lord and sang three songs we all knew (in spite of the language barrier!). The Lord's presence was very tangible right there, just outside the OR. A few minutes later when she was taken into surgery, Dr. Z saw that she had received a creative miracle - a tissue where an ear drum was needed! Thank You Lord!  The second night of surgery, one of the older Filipino nurses shared with me that her back hurt often when she had to stand in the OR for long periods of time. I asked her if I could pray with her and she was willing to let me pray for her back and her family situation, that weighed very heavily on her as well. The Lord lifted her burden and the next day, she shared with me that her back pain was gone and she really did believe God was answering our prayer for her family too. Yea God!

Filipino people were open and hungry for God and medical care. During a home visit in another outreach, we were able to encourage a young girl who had been paralyzed but showed very promising signs for rehabilitation. She was in a heartbreaking situation, with little medical
care, poor care at home, and yet her strength to live and thrive was so
apparent. She has not left my heart. Jack's heart was also captured by the people, who were so grateful and open even though we looked quite different (very tall with light skin).

What a life growing opportunity!  


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