Thursday, April 28, 2011

Breanna at 11 Months

What a fun but long night.  Many of you were in the same boat last night as a big storm came through our area.  I am a storm lover so I loved seeing the beauty of the heavens declaring the awesomeness of our Lord.  When the hail came and the tornado warning was just a mile or so down the road we decided to hop in the car and head on over to the church.  We spent an hour in the basement of our church with our hyper/scared children.  I couldn't help but watch the storm from the basement door.   All I could think about was the fact that we are SO small, but God is SO big.  He has everything in control even when it seems like utter chaos.  It reminds me of the time the disciples were in the boat when a big storm came up.  They were scared, but the Lord had everything in control the whole time!

Enough about that!  Breanna turns 11 months today sometime this afternoon.  I really don't remember at this moment what time she was born.  She is such a blessing and joy to our lives! 

This month...

  • you finally learned to crawl...hallelujah

  • you are wearing 18 month clothes and size 4 diaper

  • you love cheerios, bananas, green beans, strawberries, yogurt, bread, spaghetti, and corn.  You really like feeding yourself, but throw things you do not like. :(

  • you will not drink anything other than formula in a bottle

  • you do not like your new car seat and will fuss if you have to sit in it too long

  • you just started exploring but usually sit at my feet crying to be picked up...But this week it has gotten a lot better.

  • you love to be outside

  • you can say hi, dadda, isa(for Isaiah), and have started calling me Bob!  I love it!

  • right now you use your left hand for almost everything

  • and you are really rotten. :)

It is such a fun age because every week she is learning something new.   I love the fact that her smile can light up a room...but I think it is that way with all babies!

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  1. Bob- I love it! Haha! Breanna, you are a beautiful baby!