Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Teacher Gifts

We are so blessed to have such wonderful teachers.  Both Garrett and Lexi have had awesome teachers this year at both schools they have attended.  We are so thankful for the way they pour their lives into each student.   We love each of you and appreciate your ministry SO much!

I am only hand making part of their gifts.  I didn't have time to create anything else, but I wanted to quickly show you how to wrap a candy bar.  This can work for any occasion by just adding a different embellishment and color.  

The first thing you want to do is think through color patterns and purchase a candy bar(I use the larger size bars).  I wanted to make a carrot so these colors worked for me. 

To make it super simple you can measure the wrapper and cut the paper to cover the wrapper.  I decided to add a little depth so I tore the edges of my paper on two sides.

Next I drew a carrot shape on the orange paper, cut it out, and inked the edges in a deeper orange and green color.  I also added a little shading with my pencil to give some more texture. 

  I used the torn edges(from the green paper) for the carrot top by running them through a paper crimper and adhering them to the back of the carrot body. 

Wrap your candy bar gluing only the patterned paper together.  This way there is no glue on the candy bar and the recipient can see the product information.  Add your sentiment, adhere the embellishment, and then you are done.  These fun wrappers are not limited to candy bars.  You can also wrap gum, mints, makeup, small pictures, and so much more.

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